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The Wired Shopper - Main Page

With what seems like a million web retailers all trying to get your attention, shopping online is a little more interesting than it used to be. And this year it gets even better, thanks to personal shopping Agents like R U Sure
This web site, which used to specialize in providing consulting services to internet companies, has dreams of becoming the consumer reports of the web
Consumers are in love with this e-commerce resource, which lets them research and rate popular online shopping destinations.

The site's ratings give consumers a nice gauge of a shopping sites' dependability and overall performance in areas like customer service, ease of use and value.

But as always there's a catch...

Analysts concede Bizrate is vulnerable to spamming from unscrupulous merchants desperate to improve their position in the company's rankings

Wal-mart question before we begin.

What are these guys doing in the small business category?

The answer is simple. The same thing they've been doing across america (and more recently in other parts of the world) for the past quarter century....more

Powell's Books
Earth's largest bookstore?

You can be excused if you think the honor goes to Bezos and company. After all the web's largest retailer does list what is probably the most extensive collection of titles available.

But in the real world, a sprawling book shop in Portland, Oregon lays claim to the title.

Powell's got on the Net quickly - not in time to prevent Amazon from capturing the market - but quickly enough to ensure a beachhead for the nation's independent booksellers, many of whom are discovering that online sales are the best thing to happen to them since the big chains came calling.

Why should you care?

Because if a site like Powell's says they have a book in stock you can generally take their word on it

When the Net first began gaining in popularity, the buzz was about all of the free stuff you could find online.

Literally hundreds of sites appeared offering links to free software, tickets, memberships and anything else people could dream of giving away.

The tradition is alive and well at Freeshop.

The site provides links to thousands of such sites, giving Net bargain hunters as much as they can handle. You'll find plenty of stuff you'll want (read freebie magazine subscriptions, giveaway trial products) and plenty you'll want to avoid (see strings attached).

Free your mind and your credit card will follow

Disabled Americans have long argued that Federal laws like The Americans with Disabilities Act don't do enough to protect their rights.

Can the Net help?

Entrepreneurs are betting it can. They're also hoping they can harness the potential buying power of a group traditionally underserved by retailers.

How noble

[Full Review]

It's Your Customer Service, Homer...
With billions of dollars at stake in the e-commerce marketplace you'd think Net companies would be going the extra mile to provide outstanding customer service and win consumer confidence.

Doh. It doesn't work that way
A new trend in e-commerce is raising hopes that there may be a silver lining behind the frenzy of rampant consumerism on the Net. Web sites like iGive are hooking up consumers and e-commerce sites with a portion of the proceeds going to charity.

Are sites like this just gimmicks or a sign that we're finally developing a conscience?
Critics attack online liquor sales as a threat to our nation's teenagers, but for many of us a good bottle of wine is a lot easier to find that it used to be
With a name like this it's a wonder this site isn't a household name by now. As the name implies, Flyingnoodle is all about direct-order noodles - all kinds of noodles - from our personal favorite "IL Trullo Artisanale Fettuccine" to Udon Noodles and gourmet pasta sauces.

There's also an impressive selection of pasta recipies to choose from, if you're of a mind to experiment.

Who could pass up on recipes with names like "Divine Intervention" and the "The Sound of Garlic"?

We couldn't.

Oodles of Noodles
Seems like everybody's coming up with a way to make money (or loose tons of it) on the Net.

Frankly, some of what we're seeing walks the fine line. One of our favorite ideas in the oddly eccentric shopping destination category?

Singing welshmen deliver personalized greetings to your inbox.

What's next?

William Shatner singing Free bird?

In another moving example of savvy business people stepping in quickly to address a pressing societal need and make a buck at the same time, the folks at e-stork have provided the ultimate in online baby albums.

For only $39.99, friends and relatives can enjoy the best thing since..... slides
The insidious melding of commerce and entertainment continues - with, you guessed it, interactive product placement! You liked Alicia Silverstone's shades in her last movie? Guess what! You can now buy the very same style and brand even as you continue to watch television!

This is what people were talking about when they said the Net would change your life
cc: PTL

Send in the sociologists.

For $19.99 a year, Prayerwheel's Server will send a text version of the prayer of your choice into cyberspace, where

Prayers are available for seven major religions.

Not sure what to believe?

Cover all of your bases, send prayers out to all major deities for around four hundred dollars.

No official word from the Vatican on this one yet


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