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Thompson on Dubya

If you're a Democrat and Hunter S. Thompson tells you you've lost the Presidential election - well - let's face it - it's over. It's time to concede. The fat lady has sung her sad Weird song and departed. In the latest installment of his new column, which runs - of all the Weird and Unlikely places it could run - on - the man many consider to be the greatest living American journalist declares George W. Bush the winner of our disputed national election for reasons we're completely incapable of paraphrasing.

Vintage Thompson, the column may well be Thompson's best political reporting in years. Which is nice. Cos' we like him. A preview snippet:

"Where did Gore think he was -- in some friendly Civics class? Hell no, he was in Florida, arguably the most Vicious & Corrupt state in the Union. ... Not only that, but he was brazenly invading Florida, trying to steal it from right under the noses of the whole Bush family. It was a bold move & brilliantly done, in some ways -- but then so was Lee's decision to invade the North & attack Gettysburg."

And you can probably expect this gem from the man - who is, after all - the master of the Weirdly Amusing Quote, to start turning up in your inbox any day now.

"I felt nervous & vaguely confused, as if I had just heard a dog speak perfect English for 30 or 40 seconds. That will get your attention, for sure. ... Some people get permanently de-stabilized by it: Nothing they see with their own eyes will ever look quite the same to them again. As in "I know that the object I'm looking at is an Egg -- but I also know that if it talks to me like a person, it is not an Egg."

Hang in there Al. It's always darkest before the fiftieth recount.

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