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The netwebly guide
rating system in a nutshell
The netwebly rating system is a scientific evaluation scale based on a combination of reader recommendations and the opinions of our editors.

Ratings are based on a scale of one to three. Please note we do not employ a curve.

Three weblies.

The highest award of all.
Indicates achievement on the grandest scale. Awarded sparingly. Only to those sites which, in the opinion of the judges, represent the creme de la creme.

Two weblies.

This award does not imply that a site is average. Not at all. Sites which receive two netweblies should still feel honored. After all, there are millions of web sites out there. How many can say they received TWO weblies?

One webly

It could be worse.

You could have received no webly. Even worse, you could even have received the dreaded dead webly award for gross incompetence in the field of web site creation. See below .

The dreaded dead webly.

Do not feel proud. But do not despair. There is always room for improvement on the Internet

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Er...what exactly is a webly?
If you don't mind us asking?

Answer: Good question. Click here to find out.

Question: Is a webly related a webby?

Answer: No. A webly has nothing to do with a webby.

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