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Getting Started - Master Napster

Posted by netwebly| 12.6.2000
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Downloading the thing
Downloading and installing the Napster client is a simple process. If you haven't downloaded Napster yet you can do so at:

To download the newly released Napster for the Mac go to

To get started, click on the link that says download now. You don't have a whole lot of options at this point, so this should be straightforward. Happily, the Napster client is a relatively compact download - as a matter of fact at 1.5 MB Napster itself is smaller than most of the MP3 files you'll be transferring - so this part shouldn't take long. Cross your fingers.

If you are using a slow connection you may want to get your download started and read through this tutorial as you wait. By the time Napster has finished downloading you'll be ready for almost anything.

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