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Master Napster - Mo' better searches

Posted by netwebly | 12.8.2000
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Mo' Better Searches - Part I
Now we've got Napster up and running the trick is going to be finding what we want. For example, lets say you're looking for a tune by Stinky Posse V, a Southern California Ska band from a suburb of Los Angeles. To stay on the safe side, we're making up a group for the purposes of this tutorial. If you ever find anything by Stinky Posse Five on Napster or anywhere else for that matter. Let us know. We'd like to meet them...

The problem is, you can't remember the name of the Stinky Posse song you want. It might start with an F or something. Or a G. Or it might not. You're just not certain.That's o.k. because Napster is going to make finding this song easy. Whatever its name may be.Type Stinky Posse V in the search window in the artist field. Wait a couple of seconds for the search to run.

figure 1.1 finding stuff

And there we go. Who would have thought we'd find so many songs by such an obscure band? Lets see: what do we have here? There it is, right at the top of the list, the exact song we were looking for. Glad Bag Mag by Stinky Posse V.

What a great name for a song!

figure 1.2 stuff has been found

search results

And what have we here?

But wait. There's more. Lots more. We've got a couple of dozen versions of a song called Stinky Posse Anthem. We have something called Stinky Posse Special. We have an MP3 that claims to be Stinky Posse live with Eric Clapton, David Bowie and Courtney Love. That one seems like a bit of a stretch.... You may want to check it out later. Just to make sure. Could be valuable.

And wow, what do you know? We seem to have found the Stinky Posse cover of an old Beatles song we like a lot: (You say you want a) Revolution. Because we're frankly curious to know what a ska version of a Lennon-McCartney classic sounds like we'll have to download that one later.

We also seem to have stuff that might or might not be related to what we're looking for. We have a song by somebody called
Stinky Posie, who could be a working class English art rock band from Brighton, or who could be a typo. We also have entries for Stinky Pose, Stinky Pos and Stinky P as well as one for a band called Skanky Poo - none of whom we've ever heard of.

It appears we have a little bit to learn about music. It would also seem that as far as Stinky Posse is concerned, we're set for life. Only two questions remain: what do we do now that we've found what we're looking for? And wil
l Stinky Posse V come after us if we do what we we're thinking about doing?

More info on searching Napster - see Mo' better searches part II.

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