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About this tutorial

Master Napster includes basic information to help get you started as well as plenty of material on advanced topics
, including strategies that will help you use the program more effectively and get the most out of your MP3s.

There's a ton of material here, much of which is specific to Napster but a lot of which applies equally to other file-sharing applications like Gnutella.

More about this tutorial
If you're an experienced Napster user, you'll probably want to skip the introductory information about configuring Napster.To be honest this tutorial is not really a technical overview (as you'll figure out pretty quickly), its as much about using Napster - and the things you can accomplish using the program as it is about the underlying technology.

Because the vast majority of people who use Napster are using Windows-based PCs this tutorial is written from the point of view of a Windows user. If you use a Mac you'll still find plenty of information here you'll find useful - ranging from subjects like search strategies to dealing with outages. Obviously specific commands differ - but you're probably used to that by now.

Master Napster: An evolving resource
This tutorial is not a static document.
Entries will be updated as time permits and as more information becomes available . If you're serious about Napster you may want to bookmark these pages and check back in the future for updates.

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