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Hide and Go Seek
Some people seem to think their chances of avoiding getting in trouble are better if they keep a low profile on Napster. This may very well be true. You can spot these folks pretty easily by watching their behavior. Most make quick hit and run trips onto the network. They download a few files they want and then disconnect, never spending more than an hour at most connected to the Napster servers.

The reasoning seems to be that the less time a user spends connected to the network, the lower the chances are that someone will notice what they're doing.

This may be true. But don't count on it.

Refusing to share
Another pattern we've seen enough times to make it worth mentioning: Many people seem to think they can stay out of trouble by transferring their files to a remote location or moving them into a seperate storage folder hidden from other Napster users and the prying eyes of the recording industry.

While it is probably true that this will cut down on the chances that a program like Media Enforcer will catch you with a file sitting on your hard drive, the protection this strategy offers is by no means complete.

If you've heard it once you've heard it about three thousand times. The only surefire way to stay out of trouble is to stick to downloading only songs by bands who have expressly granted Napster permission to distribute their material - such as the artists participating in the Napster new artists program.

And of course, all of your trickery may be completely unnecessary. Assuming the move to legalize Napster succeeds, its unlikely anybody will be kicking down your door any time soon. On the hand, you never know how these things will play out...

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