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And the Acronymns just keep on coming

Although is betting heavily on the controversial service, the strategy may yet take a sideline to another of CEO Michael Robertson's ideas. At the July digital music Summit in San Diego, Robertson announced that his company would henceforth be known as a Music Service Provider, an invention he labeled with the catchy acronymn MSP.

In theory the MSP concept - as Robertson outlined it - will allow companies like to leverage an idea that digital music fans have been talking about for years - using the Internet and wireless networks to deliver customized digital content to businesses, individuals and organizations on a subscription or contract basis.

For example, a hypothetical MSP deal between and a national chain like say, Austin-based Whole Foods or Seattle based Starbucks would see custom digital content delivered to stores around the country at a cost that could (again, in theory) be significantly lower than signing up with an established music provider like Muzak.

It's pretty easy to see how a company like Starbucks might find such a deal attractive. The coffee and lifestyle retailer already makes a profit from the CDs and other luxury items it sells at its thousands of stores across the country. A hypothetical deal that allowed Starbucks to broadcast content from's massive catalog of recordings by both independent and signed artists and at the same time plug custom D.A.M CDs like the ones already offers visitors to its web site, would be, at the very least, an interesting experiment to watch.

For info on the retail store program

For info on the company's program for radio stations

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