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Posted by various nefarious weblies

Ich bin ein MP3 | November 18
Posted by netwebly

Fresh off its peace accord with Universal, is reminding people that it too has a network of international web sites, albiet on a slightly smaller scale than established e-commerce giants like Yahoo. With an email campaign and a blizzard of press releases the company is encouraging people to stop on by. The network includes a German language version of the site (who could resist A Spanish version (Alterinva y Hip Hop y Rap). And a french version - downloadez vous le MP3!

Tellingly, however the ads on all versions of the site are still in english, as are instructions for doing things like downloading MP3 players and configuring them.You have to wonder what the average French person will make of instructions like "For the most precise functionality, you will need a separate ripper and encoder."

Most of us find this stuff hard enough to understand already.

The Empire Strikes back - Netscape 6 arrives | 11.19.2000
Posted by some webly

It's official. Netscape 6.0 is out and being met by modest enthusiasm by web surfers. Most observers seem to agree that the final cut of the new version is a major improvement on Netscape4.x - which was generally considered to have been among the worst browsers ever to sail the web. After years of waiting, Netscape fans seem to be overjoyed to finally have an alternative to the ubiquitous Internet Explorer. People are apparently downloading the new release in much higher numbers than had been anticipated according to sources.

That screaming sound you hear? Web developers around the country throwing themselves off the tops of the tops of high buildings as they realize how much time they are going to have spend making sure their pages don't explode when viewed in the new browser. According to webmonkey - the new browser presents designers with - ahem - a couple of new challenges.

How Nice of them Part I

Posted by hr webly esquire. |11.18.2000

According to a recent survey conducted on the behest of about 40 percent of employers monitor Internet use in the workplace, a figure that will probably dismay many privacy advocates.

Employers may have reason to be getting snoopy, however. The same survey asked employees how much time they spend on personal surfing each work day. Nearly 25 percent said they spend at least an hour a day. About 12 percent said they spend two hours a day engaged in such highly frowned upon activity.

In a follow-up Vault presents a not particularly innovative top ten list of ways to avoid getting caught surfing at work. For some reason, crawling under your desk and pretending to be invisible isn't one of the tactics they recommend.

Make Money/Stop Napster - MediaDefender
| 11.11.2000
Posted by american webly

The Wall Street Journal's Interactive Edition is reporting that a new Los Angeles based start-up called MediaDefender is on the prowl. According to the Journal the company's plan is to disrupt illegal file sharing by flooding Napster (and other P to P networks like Gnutella) with bogus recordings. The idea described in the article is very similar to the original napster bombs promoted by Napster haters like StopNapster. The difference of course, is that, MediaDefender has found venture capitalists willing to ante up US 1 million in funding to back their project. Analysts tactfully warn that such tactics could provoke a backlash by annoyed Napster fans.... Of course, if the quality of their web site is any indication of the quality of their napster bombs, MediaDefender may be some time away from provoking anybody.


Posted by netwebly

In an ironic twist on the whole Net privacy/
corporate responsibility in the digital age theme that's seen wide play in the media for the last six months, Canadian privacy firm Zeroknowledge has trademarked the word freedom, which as it happens, is the name of the privacy protection software the company markets to surfers.

Freedom™ joins the ranks of other beloved words that have been appropriated by technology companies in recent years including Democracy™, Liberty™, Mom™,
Peace™ and Love™.

Accurate Poll results: One in a billion
Posted by emporer zerg | 11.12.2000

If you've been sitting around scratching your head and wondering when election hell will officially be over, here's a juicy stat for you to mull over. According to a report that appeared in the Online Journalism Review, the odds that a recount will correctly
account for all of the votes cast in Florida are less than 1 in billion.

The report, by statisticians Lynn Miller and Rand Wilcox, concludes that the only fair remedy is to hold a new election. Let's get this straight - they're having so much fun now they want to start all over and do it again?

We like Saturday Night Live's proposal better.

Seen on Slashdot
Posted by emotional love webly | 11.20.2000

Posted on our favorite geek news discussion community this weekend, at least one question worth its weight in gold. If a company like Microsoft will let me upgrade older versions of my software for a reduced price, why do the record labels insist on charging me full price when I want to buy a CD or an MP3 of a recording I already own?

In other words, when I walk into a record store and slap my money down, am I paying for a piece of plastic which happens to have music on it, or am I buying a license to a recording?

What's a couple of million between friends?

Posted by the webly that stole christmas | 11.19.2000

The other labels are reportedly extremely pissed off about the details of the deal between Universal and Several are angry enough that they are considering litigation to force to renegotiate their own deals. Reuters is reporting that lawsuits may come as early as next week....One estimate: renegotiation could set back another $134 million....

Democracy in Action: The eBay way
Posted by webly clarence thomas | 11.12.2000

Now awaiting your bid at eBay: several hundred copies of the ill-fated early edition of the New York Post which ran the "Bush Wins" headline as well as hundreds of sample West Palm Beach ballots.
In some cases bidding has reached as much as $100 for copies of the now infamous edition of the New York paper which ran a huge Bush Wins across its cover. Plenty of copies are still available for under ten dollars.

Hint to EBay Sellers: Your ballots might be worth more if punch out all of the holes...

We bid five dollars!
Posted by netwebly | 11.12.2000

Ah, the sweete ironies of the information superhighway off ramp., the ambitious web site that discovered the hard way that people don't like reading badly written articles about politics very much, has put its domain for sale on
Nice timing guys.

The company, which has the historical distinction of being the only company to trade on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol POCO, is hoping to remain publicly traded and to do something else not involving politics.

The excitement is building down here in West Palm Beach County
Posted by emperor zerg | 11.12.2000

Faced with the inevitable chorus of critics damning their election night coverage the Networks have been scrambling to undo the damage with markedly mixed results. Several have come the only thing more boring than listening to pundits discuss the legality of the butterfly ballot.

It turns out that watching tired volunteers recount butterfly ballots via Live Recount Cam is much more boring.

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