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If you Can't Beat 'em: Give Them Stuff |11.03.2000
Posted by netwebly

In a move many observers think is a reaction to the Napster news, emusic announced yesterday that it will be giving music fans a thirty day trial period in which they can test out the company's subscription MP3 service for free. During the trial period, fans can download up to 100 tracks from emusic's catalog of thousands of major label artists. The MP3s are yours to keep after the trial ends. Credit card registration is required.

The golden age of free stuff on the Net continues... to acquire Scour
Posted by emperor zerg

In significant news that's been pushed to one side by the breaking Napster story, there are reports that online music provider has agreed to bid on the assets of struggling multimedia file-trading service Scour.

Scour had filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy late last month in the face of a copyright lawsuit by the recording industry and numerous problems within the company... According to the Times report, will inherit all of Scour's assets but "will be responsible for none of the companies liabilities."

Nice deal if you can get one. The story.


Posted by netwebly

In our euphoria in the hours following the news of the Napster- Bertelsmann megadeal we goofed. We inadvertently reported that " has agreed to acquire the assests of struggling multimedia file-trading service Scour."

What we meant to say, of course, was that " has agreed to acquire the asses of struggling multimedia file trading service Scour."

The netwebly guide regrets the typo.

Archived Webcast

Posted by emperor zerg |11.02.2000

If you missed the live press conference announcing the Bertster deal, the audio webcast of the event is available on demand. You'll need either RealPlayer or Windows Media Player. Registration is required.

There's plenty here that your morning paper may have missed. To read the official Bertelsmann-Napster press release, clicken Sie hier!

Labels respond with caution
Posted by netwebly

The New York Times ran news of the deal on its front page. The paper quoted a bitter-sounding Hilary Rosen, who said the news is just confirmation of what the industry has been arguing all along: Napster is in it for the money.

"Napster's going to have to tell their users, `It's not free anymore. Guess what? We're selling too."

For the Times article click here.

A Victory for Napster? Not so fast

Posted by emperor zerg |11.02.2000

The agreement is already being called unfair by some critics. Reporting on the pact for Wired News, Brad King writes:

"This raises cries, largely from inside the technology industry, that the influence of the Recording Industry Association of America –- known to the music digerati as "the cartel" -- has forced companies like Napster to sell pieces of themselves to the labels in order to survive"

Digital Music's Nasty Little War
|Wired News

Rage, Anger, Disgust
Posted by netwebly |11.02.2000
News of the deal spread quickly around the Net, turning many chat rooms and forums into a battleground between those who still support Napster and those who feel the move is a sellout.

On Napster's own forums the flaming started early and continued throughout the day. By ten o'clock PST thousands of posters had spoken, giving an indication of the kind of division the deal may cause in the file sharing community.

A brief sampling:

"Do what you must to stay out of court Hank. When you start charging, I, and others will try one of the MANY other applications that will keep the music FREE."

"I've really grown to love Napster over the last year. I've downloaded music I never thought existed anymore. Now, Shawn Fanning is selling us out with this so called "pact" with BMG. Free music that you pay for? I'd rather not listen to music, or listen to web radio. Thanks a lot Shawn, don't feel too bad. Even great dreams go down..."

"i am shocked to see how many here believe that napster sold out. to tell you the truth i expected shit like this from the newbies, but i'm surprise(d) to see that some of the seniors here are on common ground."

"...some people will leave Napster rather than pay a penny for it. At the same time they will be replace(d) by millions of people who are hesitent to join because rightly or wrongly, they are afraid they would be breaking some law."

Slashdot reaction:Boo! Hiss! Boo!
Posted by emperor zerg |10.31.2000
Reaction to the news on community news site Slashdot was predi
ctably savage, with many posters expressing doubts about what the announcement will mean for the future of digital music.

Although a few were willing to give Napster the benefit of the doubt, the majority came down hard on the deal.

"I'm not going to pay for Napster, AND put my collection of MP3s (up) for share..." wrote one.

"...Now instead of getting "11 CDs for 1 cent" envelopes in my mailbox every week, I can start getting "110 downloads for 1 cent" emails every week" wrote another.

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