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Won't Get Fooled Again (Part II)
Posted by netwebly 1.22.2001

It's no secret these days that some people will stop at almost nothing to get you to download their music - especially on sites like which pay artists every time visitors click on their posts, but this is ludicrous.

I got an email from promoting another quote hip new band unquote, this time a guy in the folk/punk category with a song called "I can stand for Miles" (American Pie Part II).

Suckered, like thousands (well at least hundreds) of other people no doubt were, I immediately clicked on the link, expecting a cleverly rewritten update on the original 1973 Don McClean classic, or possibly a grungy cover.

I found myself squinting as I listened to another average song by another average grunge band, trying to figure out what the connection was. As you may be able to guess from the song's title, "I can stand for miles"
is more like Spinal Tap part II. Move, over Nigel, there's competition out there...

If there was a connection, it was buried deep down inside the track: maybe if you play it backwards "Stand" sounds vaguely similar to "American Pie." I have no idea how to play an MP3 backwards or even if such a thing is possible. There may be a way, but I don't know how to do it.

The song does bear more than a passing a resemblance however, to at least one well known song -the Who's "I can See for Miles", which has the chorus "I can see for miles and miles and miles". Eerily similar to this track's "I can stand for miles and miles" don't you think?

I also don't know if adding the American Pie teaser to the song's title was's idea or that of the artist in question. Knowing what I know about's marketing department, I wouldn't put it past them. But's that's not really the point.

The point is this : misleading people in this way is bad. It's not just bad karma - It's bad marketing. It's stupendously bad marketing, in fact, if we dare to put ourselves in that mindset for a second. For God's sake: You can trick people a couple of times. You can trick people more than a couple of times. But in the end they'll always catch on. When this happens, it's unlikely your standing in their eyes will improve....

You'd think this would be obvious. Apparently, it isn't. Even though I like and approve of many of the things the site is doing, it's hard to miss the fact that incidents like this one have become a serious problem at the site. My prediction: If anything ever does in, it will be the company's inherently clueless marketing department.

You know what? Now that I think about it "Stand" sounds a lot like "American Pie"
If you turn off the lights, lie in bed with your eyes squeezed tightly shut and put a pillow over your head, it sounds exactly the same.

Note for Note.

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