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The Motley Fool
Cool fool

You're thinking something. Tell us what it is.

This popular online investing forum run by brothers Tom and Ted Gardner first became popular as a service at AOL. The site has since grown in popularity, helping to fuel interest in online trading.

Let's say you're interested in Foundry Networks, a company that manufactures equipment vital to the Internet infrastructure. In order to find information in the old days you would have had to have slogged over to the library, dug through clippings and old copies of Fortune and the Wall Street Journal to put the pieces together.

Your other option would have been to blow a couple of hundred bucks to subscribe to a financial research service. Either way, the effort involved meant it could take the average person weeks to research a stock properly, by which time the price could be anywhere on the board.

The Fool solves the problem foolishly. (That's well to you uncool nonfool.) There's instant access to market quotes, financial research, and the latest market headlines here.

The Fool is also an excellent place to begin your education as an investor. There's a ton of free advice for those with little or no investing experience, as well as plenty of material for more sophisticated investors. You'll find primers on both basic investing strategies and more risky tactics - including excellent suggestions on what to avoid and what to snag as soon as you see it coming.

Fascinatingly, you'll also learn many of the fundamentals brokers pick up on the first year of the job. Including how to predict a market upswing, how to predict a slump and how to sell short.

You'll acquire other valuable skills as well.

How to avoid panicking (throw a glass of ice cold water in your face) and how to tell when you should take a loss on a stock.

And of course, lest I forget, when it really is time to panic.

The site's community areas are a treasure. You'll find all kinds of foolish opinions that reflect the makeup of the site's audience - a mix of educated investors and newbies.

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