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When people think of online trading the first name that usually comes to mind is this popular web site, a company that was admittedly a pioneer in the early days of online trading.

e-trade led the way with low cost trades and tons of free services, and was hugely successful in drawing customers away from more traditional investment houses.

Unfortunately, the e-trade web site is a victim of it's own success. With the kind of high volume traffic e-trade draws to it's site, problems were probably inevitable.

Several well-publicized site crashes have hurt the company's public image and caused mass defections to other services. At the best of times, the site can be slow and confusing to navigate - not the best possible situation for users who need reliability and speed above all else.

Even using a cable modem it can be almost impossible to fight your way through to the virtual trading floor at peak times. Users with dial-up connections are likely to give up in frustration.

It may be that e-trade will be able to smooth out the problems caused by such rapid growth, but for now, the smart money is on another horse.

Editor's Note: The etrade review (originally published September 1999) is long overdue for an update. If you have an opinion on how the site is doing drop us an email at

Until then we encourage to visit etrade yourself and form your own opinions.


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