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Emusic will stream MP3s
Posted by netwebly | 12.13.2000

In a move clearly intended as a challenge to dominant stream provider, Emusic announces it will offer both streams and downloads to members of its all-you-can-eat download subscription service starting early next year.

Exactly what the announcement will mean in real terms, however, is far from clear. Critics question whether the company has the infrastructure to compete with in the streaming arena.

On the other hand, for the time being, Emusic has a clear advantage in terms of the number of established acts in its catalog. While has Bowie and an army of little known independent artists, Emusic has a far deeper roster of mainstream artists including Bush, Green Day, Elvis Costello - even Kenny Rogers.

Over the last few weeks people have been making serious grumbling noises about - questioning both the $49.95 annual price tag for the service and the functionality of the iBeam system.
Many people have been more than a little annoyed to discover that only way to figure out if a CD can be used with the system is to try beaming it - a process that seems to fail about as often as it succeeds.

This would seem to make it unlikely that most people will endure the frustration of beaming a good-sized stack of - let's say 25 or 50 cds onto the service. Unfortunately, that's exactly the sort of heavy usage is counting on to turn the program into a serious moneymaker.

It seems a safe bet will do something to fix the problem in the not too distant future by enabling a lookup feature, something you would have thought they would have done before relaunch.

Of course, there may be a rather obvious reason they didn't. If that great big database that caused the company such much trouble in the past contains recordings that haven't yet been authorized by copyright holders - which seems fairly plausible - a lookup feature could cause the San Diegans serious problems.

What's going on here? Time will tell.

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