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The Digital Workforce
The San Francisco Examiner reports that at least 10 million people will be employed in Internet related jobs in the United States by the year 2003. That figure represents roughly 4 percent of the US workforce.

Despite widely published reports of layoffs at struggling dot coms, the US economy continued to show strong growth for the better part of Y2K, defeating predictions that a tech slowdown would trigger a recession....

The number of alternatives available for job seekers on the Net make it quite possible that you could spend the rest of your life filling out online applications and researching employers. Please don't. Use our collection of resources instead.

Then go do something else.

Craig's List

This site has been a hot spot for dot com job seekers for many years. Although the focus is on job openings in the Bay Area, many positions (especially those in content production and site development) could just as easily be filled by people working from other areas of the country. Recently expanded to include postings for several other American cities, including New York and greater Los Angeles. Puts many commercial sites to shame.

pluses: employers who post on this site tend to be more internet savvy.
minuses: listings limited outside of the Bay Area.

keeping track of job openings

One of the most effective ways of focusing your job search is to visit the jobs pages of companies you're interested in working for. Many companies no longer bother listing positions with employment agencies and web sites, electing instead to save money by posting many openings on public areas of their own sites. Because most pages change frequently, keeping up can be time consuming.

There is a way around this however. Several free services will notify you automatically every time the content of a web page changes. uses bots to monitor any page you select. Enter the URL of the page you want spied on and you'll receive an alert by email, instant message or fax any time the content is updated.

Finding a Job at a Startup

Best known for the role it plays in helping Net startups find venture capital and the series of boot camps it holds for entrepreneurs, recently began posting jobs openings at some of the companies it helps launch.

Positions listed include plenty of executive level openings and middle management slots as well as a fair number of openings for web developers and engineers.

pluses: positions at (generally) well-funded and stable startups
minuses: listings limited in scope

Freelance employment: the online marketplace

Thanks to tons of media publicity and a well-designed auction system this employment site is suddenly a real player in the freelance job market and one of the year's hottest startups...

....Freelancers and employers love the site's openness and system of connecting job hunters with job seekers...It doesn't hurt that the service is free, either....

Middle of the pack and moving back

Three million dollars can buy a lot of things - a condo in midtown Manhattan, an NBA forward with an attitude problem, even a Superbowl commercial and lots of web site traffic.This big league employment portal is setting it's sights on competitors like Monster.

Critics think they'd do well to make sure their system is easy to use first

I, robot....
Wanted Jobs 2000 - full review

With so much out there, the best job hunting strategy may be one that combines the latest bot technology with a little brain power. Put your own job bot on the case.

The big players - dominating the online job hunt

This venerable employment site has been around for a long time, more than long enough to have established a reputation with the people that count - employers. Some people feel the site may have grown too large to be truly useful. (See Yahoo syndrome for more details on this phenomenon)

But it's still worth your time.

The entry level marketplace

Recent college graduates and alumni know the secret employers have been on to for years.If you're looking for an entry-level job or internship, you can't go wrong with this employment portal targeting American colleges and universities. Registration is free for students at participating schools. Alumni may have to pay for an annual subscription. Check with your school for details.

But hey, so what? You can deduct the cost from your first week's paycheck

pluses: Eligibility requirements screen applicants, employers who find talent through jobtrak tend to stick with the service.

minuses: With some exceptions, most positions here are entry-level.

Calling all Tech jobs

You are officially a Geek. Your dream job involves a cool workspace in San Francisco's South-of-Market District or Orange County and working on your laptop until the sun comes up.

This site is popular with hi-tech employers, contractors, net start ups, and other geeky types.

A view from the inside - maybe

Ever started a new job, only to find out during the course of the first week that it wasn't ... er...let's be polite....exactly what you had pictured...?

This site, formerly known as vaultreports, where employees post their opinions about work conditions and company news, is a big hit with job seekers. For some reason, employers don't seem to like it very much. Go figure

Silicon Valley Companies
A searchable database of the top 150 technology companies in the Valley hosted by

Ever wonder if the grass might be greener on the other side of the, uh, Pacific?

Downloading AsiaWeek's rankings of top 1,000 Asian corporations in Excel format is an itsy bit expensive at USD 395, but browsing the listings on the magazine's web site is satisfyingly free.

Companies Online
Dunn and Bradstreet's extensive database of US corporations provides snapshots of 900,000 American businesses

Interviewing for employment
This superb hypertext document from University of Virginia Career Services provides a concise overview of the entire interview process.

Key sections include preparation, conducting yourself, follow up, and sample interview questions.

California State Labor Law
Like many States, California has tough labor laws which limit what an employer can ask of you. If you work in California or do business with an employer based in the state, it's probably not a bad idea to have at least a passing familiarity with these regulations. Company Research
US company profiles indexed, cross-referenced and otherwise sorted in just about every way imaginable.

Netiquette: Focusing Your Job Search
Although using employment sites as a starting point in your job hunt can be productive, carefully focusing your search may be a more effective method of landing the job you want.

Consider doing some background research on the industry you'd like to be involved in. Use directories like Yahoo, your local newspaper and, of course, the netwebly guide to find companies that sound promising.

Visit the sites you find to do a little detective work.

These days you can tell a lot about a company by looking at it's web page - much more than you'd ever be able to tell by looking at an ad in the paper.

Check out the company's job listings.You can often tell a great deal about what an employer is like to work for by looking at the tone of the job area of their site. Once you're satisfied that an employer meets your expectations - send 'em your resume along with a nice note explaining your interest in the company.

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