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Bagging on E-Commerce Trends
Posted by netwebly

Net Research firm Jupiter Communications raised some eyebrows with a September press release suggesting that the problem with many online merchants may be that they aren't using enough technologies like Macromedia Flash enough to dazzle visitors to their sites into spending more money.

The press release read in part "Many retailers have designed their sites for the lowest common denominator, which is shortsighted, particularly for vendors of high consideration goods" and went on to recommend that retailers use technologies like Java, Flash and chat rooms "to enhance online shopping experience and close sales."'s Mark Hurst, always a proponent of streamlined e-commerce, was quick to respond, writing a week later in his September 8th column

"Now I agree that there are some ways to make Flash and other plug-ins useful to e-commerce customers, and that sites should explore those technologies. But it's just wrong to state, as Jupiter did, that "consumers expect a richer online shopping experience because of the exposure they receive through new interfaces on most sites."

Personally, I'm inclined to agree with Mr. Hurst. There are far too many instances where Flash works well, (high impact entertainment sites, interactive games, sports sites) to possibly excuse using it in the wrong context, which is probably going to be the case if you're talking about using it in an e-commerce related project.

Our opinion: If you feel strangely compelled to design with Flash at all times, you should think about taking projects where it's use is appropriate or applying for a job at Macromedia.

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