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Free DSL Access Broadband Digital/Winfire
posted by netwebly | spring 2000

If you think trying to read a web page plastered with high-contrast banner ads and blinking graphics is difficult, just you wait.
Winfire, formerly known as Broadband digital, one of several companies experimenting with the idea of free high-speed Internet access, was not the first company to have contemplated the idea of streaming television-quality advertisements on the web, but they are the first to actually test the waters.

The concept behind the idea has entranced Net advertising agencies for years.Bandwidth considerations have always limited what advertisers can do on the Internet, forcing most to rely on the much maligned and relatively ineffective banner ad to reach Internet users.

The growing popularity of high speed access represents the first real opportunity for advertisers and sponsors to deliver the sort of high definition advertising Americans watch every night on Network television and Cable.

Winfire, a Newport Beach, California start-up founded by Net admen Ryan and Chad Steelberg, is the first company to experiment with the idea of free dsl access, following the breakthrough success of similar free dialup services earlier this year. The company plans to offer the service to subscribers in selected markets starting this summer.

Similar programs have run into harsh criticism from both the media and privacy advocates, many of whom have predicted that consumers will get the short end of the bargain. In most cases, users must sacrifice their right to privacy as a condition of service, a tradeoff providers depict as a small price to pay for free Internet access.

Brave broadband

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